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Bacolod City, PhilippinesTuesday, June 23, 2009
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It is nice to know DAILY STAR is widely read abroad. But it is still nicer that they react and send us e-mail. They participate.

I received three letters through the e-mail from three continents, Africa, Europe, and the U.S. Let us give them this space.

From Rodeo, California our friend Bing Ramos greeted us Sunday, not only Happy Father’s Day but a Happy Grandfather’s Day.  Correct!  Sunday at dinner at L’Fisher Franklin Fuentebella had a long table with his grandchildren, some of them home from the U.S.  And most of the fathers I saw were grandfathers.

There does not seem to be a Grandfather’s Day.

* * *

From Yemen in Africa, an Overseas Foreign Worker, wrote me to lament the quality of our elected public officials that “sent us Filipinos to deeper misery and desperation.”

Ed Gulmatico would have been talking for himself because if there are only employment opportunities here, he would have not gone to Yemen.

He outlined 10 points what take to be a presidential candidate like the hundreds of millions of pesos one needs. Then all these must come from donor businessmen who will exact favors as payment for their support, it their candidate wins.

Ed Gulmatico is interested to effect a chance in our governance lamenting the many faults of the people in power.

I ask Ed, get enough money there, then come home to Bacolod, run for public office and we will teach them what good governance is.  Feedback will support your campaign.

* * *

Then our third e-mail came from Ruud Jansen of Netherland, married to one from Murcia the last 36 years and who comes here once in a while.

He was fascinated by our item “Aging Gracefully”.  He wrote the lyrics I wrote came from a song, “Fill the World With Love” sung by Petula Clark in the motion picture “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” from the novel by James Hilton.

Thanks Ruud.  What I remember was only the lyrics of the song.

Jansen adds, “In my trying to age gracefully I seem to connect every period of my life to song of the era.  Getting older makes you forget things easily but music always helps me remember.”  True!

He wrote he does not miss a day without reading DAILY STAR and our column.  He reads almost the entire newspaper, he said.

* * *

I ask Mayor Bing Leonardia and the tourism people to read this.

“We, my wife and two sons, want to join the MassKara Festival and in order to prepare for our itinerary I wrote e-mails to Bacolod Department of Tourism, Gene Kana-an, office of the Mayor, Secretary to the Mayor, and the Mayor himself for a schedule of activities but nobody replied.”

I am quoting Jansen verbatim.  He adds, “The MassKara website only shows old stuff from 2008.”

He continues, “So, where can I find a schedule of activities for the 2009 MassKara Festival and why is it that nobody answers my e-mails?  Don’t they care for tourists or am I judging too quickly and is it just a technical problem?”

“Well, anyway, I hope you’re able to point me in the right direction.”  I said I quoted Ruud Janses word for word.

Well, Ruud, after you read this, count two days.  If you don’t get response from the Mayor or any of his staff, e-mail me and we will lambaste them.  There is no excuse for inefficiency.

The Dutch people are known for their efficiency.  Amsterdam is below sea level and made the people safe from the sea.  I was there years ago. That visit is very memorable to me.

I want to meet you when you are here.

* * *

If Mayor Bing wants to have this year’s MassKara Festival succeed, he better whip those people in the tourism department into line.  He should be thankful this problem has come this early.*




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