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Bacolod City, Philippines Tuesday, June 23, 2009
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Corn Confusion

I have following up Mr. Espina's articles and some other persons on GMO and bt corn and organically grown corn.  There seems to be some confusion as to what organically grown corn or GMO are.

Organically-grown corn is corn whether native, in-bred or hybrid corn that is planted, fertilized and cultivated using only organic fertilizers, organic pesticides or organic weed killers, no chemicals.  Even the soil should be fumigated/sterilized and treated to remove any chemical residue in it for the plant to be certified as Organically-grown.

A conventionally-grown corn can be a native, hybrid or GMO which is fertilized with organic fertilizers and/or inorganic or chemical fertilizers and may have employed chemical pesticides and chemical herbicides/weed killers (2,4,D or Karmex, etc)

A GMO corn is usually the bt corn which has bacillus T that makes the corn plant exude something that acts as a pesticide to repel pests.  The plant may have also been genetically modified to be Roundup-ready, or that the plant can be sprayed with the chemical Roundup together with surrounding weeds and will not die because it is roundup ready, only the weeds.  A plant that has been changed at the DNA/gene level is a GMO whereas plants like sugarcane whose canepoints have been merely dipped, inoculated or sprayed with nitrogen-fixing bacteria to make it into a nitrogen-fixing plant is not a GMO.

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Bacolod City


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