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Dumaguete City, PhilippinesWednesday, August 10, 2011
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Solon favors installation of
CCTV cameras in edifices

Rep. George Arnaiz (Neg. Or., 2nd District) said he will support the proposal of putting up Closed-Circuit Television surveillance cameras in all buildings and major thoroughfares in Dumaguete City.

Arnaiz said the installation of CCTV cameras will be a deterrent to criminals in doing unlawful acts since their identity can easily be traced through the cameras. It will also help the authorities identify a suspect for a possible lead of the case, the solon said.

The Dumaguete government has been discussing the plan to install CCTV cameras in major thoroughfares in Dumaguete City.

Arnaiz said he is also encouraging business establishments and offices to install CCTV cameras for their security. The cameras will record all movements and activities at anytime.

He said it was just so unfortunate that the CCTV cameras of the Leq Tak building where the office of the late lawyer Archer Baldwin Martinez was still not operational when the incident happened.

Arnaiz added that he cannot think of any compelling reason for somebody to kill Martinez. He is hoping that the Philippine National Police Dumaguete can bring justice for the death of the lawyer, who was gunned down by a gunman inside his law office.

He is saddened by the incident but he does not believe that being lawyer is the second most dangerous profession, after to being a journalist.

Arnaiz said any profession can be dangerous especially for lawyers, where some clients do not understand the nature of their job. He said lawyers fight for their clients inside the courtroom, but they will remain friends outside the court.*MA

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