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Bacolod City, PhilippinesSaturday, December 10, 2011

‘She wants to live with us’

Dear Tita,

I married Ric even though I knew he had a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. The girl’s mother got married to a Japanese and they also settled down here in Negros. After we got married, Ric’s daughter Terry stayed with us. It wasn’t long before I found out that Terry resented me for marrying her Papa. I tried to get along with her but this girl is very manipulative and scheming. She had been spoiled by Ric’s mother who had raised her from birth and she grew up getting almost everything she wanted.

When Ric’s mother died, he also spoiled her until we got married. I wanted to correct her bad habits but she would tell Ric that I didn’t like her which was not true. I knew Ric was torn between his daughter and me, but he tried his best to have peace in the family.

Finally, Terry and I had words when I caught her hiding my expensive watch which was a gift from my mother. I confronted her and she answered me back calling me a gold-digger who was after her father’s money. I couldn’t control myself and I slapped her. She immediately went to her Dad’s office and reported what I did to her Dad.

Ric asked me why I slapped Terry and when I told him, I found out she had told him a different version which he seemed inclined to believe. The next day Ric said Terry was going to live with her mother and her Japanese husband. With Terry gone, my life with Ric has been so pleasant and wonderful. We really had a great time together.

Lately, Ric said Terry wanted to come back and stay with us as she didn’t like her mother’s Japanese husband. I don’t like her back but what can I do? Ric loves his daughter. Please advise me what to do.



Dear Stepmom,

I can understand your predicament. With Terry gone, your marriage has been going great. But now that she wants to come back, you can feel the old conflicts coming back all over again. I suggest that you and Ric have a frank talk with Terry before you let her stay with you again. Let Ric set his daughter straight so she won’t try her old tricks on your marriage. As soon as she realizes what the score is, hopefully she would stop being the ‘contravida’.



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