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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, February 2, 2011
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I made a terrible mistake

Dear Tita,

My boyfriend Chito, an engineer, is a soft-spoken guy who’s laid-back and easy-going. He enjoys spending time with me, watching DVDs or basketball games on TV. I like to go out with our friends to parties and outings as I get easily bored staying at home watching games and movies. We are exact opposites – Chito doesn’t like socializing at parties while I look for excitement and new adventure. I keep nagging him to change but he is so set in his ways. The trouble began when my friends invited me to a weekend at Boracay. Chito didn’t want to go which made me angry with him. To spite him, I decided to go with my friends anyway.

While there, we had an enjoyable time swimming, bar-hopping and singing in the sing-a-long joints. It was there that I met Raffy, a guy from Manila who joined our group. He was such great fun and very adventurous. On the night before we left for Bacolod, Raffy and I had a lot to drink and I became tipsy. We left my friends at a bar and spent the whole night together having sex. The next day my group and I left for Bacolod.I felt guilty seeing Chito waiting for me at my parents’ house.  He was so sweet trying to please me while deep down inside, I knew I had been unfaithful to him.

Recently, I have been worried because my period didn’t come. I suspect I might be pregnant after that wild night in Boracay with Raffy.Chito and I have never had sex because he wants us to wait until we get married. I am really worried.

How will I tell Chito? He loves me so much and respects me. I know if he finds out what I did, he would lose all his love and respect. Sometimes I’m toying with the idea of seducing Chito to have sex and then letting him believe that this is his baby.Please advise me what to do.


Dear Regretting GF,

Don’t compound your mistake with another mistake. It was very foolish of you to spend a wild night in Boracay with a complete stranger. (He could have infected you with a horrible disease!). In the first place, you shouldn’t have been drinking if you can’t handle your liquor. What had gotten into you? How could  you do this to your loving boyfriend who adores and respects you so much? Don’t

even think of fooling Chito with your awful scenario. It won’t work. Sooner or later the truth will come out. The thing to do now is face the music. Tell Chito what happened and beg for forgiveness. If by some miracle, he will forgive you, then you are the luckiest girl in the world. If not, accept whatever happens and know that you really made a terrible mistake.



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