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Bacolod City, PhilippinesMonday, February 21, 2011
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Improving higher education

The so-called “drug mules,” Filipino women used by drug syndicates to transport illegal drugs into another country, are facing the death penalty.

We must support them. They are not the culprits. They are the victims.

The people to be hanged and shot are the syndicates.


Fuel price between Metro Manila and Bacolod is excessive.

Some people are pulling the wool over our eyes. What are we doing?


News reports said, some leaders of the Catholic Church want that those who support the Reproductive Health bill will not be given Communion.

My God! This is one way to drive people to support the RH bill. The one saying that might be actually in favor of the bill that they create a situation where people, out of the threat, will only support the bill.


Good news! Bacolod City College will not increase tuition fees for school-year 2011 to 2012. This was the decision of the board of trustees meeting last Thursday.

This way BCC can make a very thorough screening of the applicants. With an improved selection of faculty, BCC can surely raise its standard to equal, if not surpass many state colleges and universities.

Today on its record, it is already scoring well in national examinations.


Here is also a good warning to higher educational institutions from the Commission on Higher Education.

Dr. Virginia Resurreccion, CHED’s Region 6 Director told media CHED will phase out college courses that are not performing to the standard set by CHED.

Violation of CHED rules can lead to the closure of some college courses, like inefficiency in the operation of the institution or inefficiency in the academic personnel.

CHED aims at having highly qualified and outstanding faculty to handle subjects.

Colleges whose passing percentage in the licensure examinations has been zero for the last three years will be closed.

Cheers to Dr. Resurreccion and to the newly appointed head of CHED Dr. Patricia B. Licuanan. They have plans to improve further higher education. I’ll write more about this later.


Meanwhile, I don’t agree with Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala “slamming Dr. Achim Dobermann International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) deputy director for research for saying the country can not attain rice sufficiency in 2013.”

The last crop of rice averaged only a little more than 60 percent compared to ordinary crops. Consider climatic changes that wrought havoc to rice production.

Has Secretary Alcala been a hands-on rice farmer? I am afraid, not.

But he can redeem himself by blaming the weather in case he cannot make it. Or he imports.


More skeletons in the closet. Sen. Franklin Drilon exposed what, he said, was the cover-up by the Ombudsman of former AFP comptroller Jacinto Ligot’s alleged diversion of P740 million.

Drilon said Ligot can face plunder raps. Drilon has complete documentary evidences against Ligot.

Let there be more exposes!


Former Defense Secretary Orly Mercado once said the problem with the military, especially graduates of the Philippine Military Academy, is their loyalty to their fellow PMA graduates.

Right or wrong, even against the welfare of the country, they stand by their “mistah” or classmate in the PMA.

This should be corrected. It’s good Sen. Antonio Trillanes did not attend the alumni homecoming at the PMA.

But the public will support Trillanes. He deserves it.


FEEDBACK: They who clear the clouds for others will get more sunshine for themselves. They who give light to others make themselves the brightest star. They make a place in their heart for others will find accommodation everywhere.

*On a New York sidewalk, a Pinoy was enjoying a hearty breakfast of coffee, butter, and jam when an American chewing gum, sat next to him and started an unwanted talk.

Cano asked, you Filipinos eat the whole bread? Pinoy: Of course. Cano, blowing bubbles with his gum: We don’t do it here. We only eat what’s inside. We collect the crust in the container, recycle them, rebake them into croissants and sell them to the Philippines.

Pinoy: You have sex here too? Cano: Of course. Pinoy: what do you do with your condoms? Cano: We throw them after use.

Pinoy: In the Philippines, we just put them in a container, melt them down into chewing gum and sell it to America.*

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