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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, January 12, 2011
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My sacrifices mean
nothing to my siblings

Dear Tita,

I was a career woman working for a big company in Makati. It was the most enjoyable time of my life, as I was earning a good salary and prospects of my promotion to an executive position were almost certain. The problem began when our father had a stroke and was bed-ridden. My sister and brother called me to come home immediately as he needed vital care.

I took a leave from my work and came to Bacolod to take care of our father. He had been very lonely since our mother died, and his stroke only made things worse for him. He had to be fed and cared for like a baby. We tried to get caregivers to take care of him but they didn’t stay long as he was very difficult. I was the only one who could manage him. After a while our office asked when I could report back to work. I asked my siblings to take over the care of our father but they refused, saying they had their own families to care for. There was no other recourse but for me to resign.

I lost a lot of weight as I had to lift my father whenever he needed to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t eat properly during mealtimes as he kept calling for me. At night I couldn’t sleep as he was restless and needed my presence. This went on for more than a year. My siblings visited only on weekends and they didn’t stay long. My father told me he had kept money in his bank account and he gave me his ATM so I could withdraw his money. The amount was quite big – one hundred twenty-eight thousand pesos. My father said it was for me because I took care of him.

When our father died, my siblings immediately inquired about what he left behind. My sister knew about our father’s money and they began asking for it. I told them it was for me because I took care of our father. They got mad and insisted that they should have equal share. This has created a family feud. Should I give them what they ask for? I gave up so much just to care for him.


Dear Sacrificing Daughter,

It would have been better if your father left a Last Will and Testament stating that he left you the money in the bank. This is important for families to avoid any feud about the deceased’s estate. But since your father had no Last Will, you could consult a lawyer to protect your interest. Do this as soon as possible before your ungrateful siblings insist on getting the money your father left you.


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