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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, January 19, 2011
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We’re caught in the middle
of our friends’ break-up

Dear Tita,

My husband Rudy and I have been very close to our best friends Flor and her husband Carling. We were always together in our outings and brief vacations.

Our children often played with their children and Flor and I were godmothers of each other’s first-born. Then one day, we were shocked to hear that they broke up because Flor discovered Carling’s infidelity. She was very bitter about it, and there was a big scandal when she confronted Delia, his mistress. Carling left their house and went to live with Delia. I tried to console Flor as I knew she was in pain over their break-up. I could see she was very angry and she vowed to make Carling regret what he did. She made me promise not to have anything to do with Carling.

Recently, Rudy arrived home with Carling. I was surprised as it was the first time I saw him since their break-up. I asked Rudy why he was here, and he explained that they met at a restaurant and Carling asked if he could visit us. I tried to be polite and hospitable but I felt guilty as I had promised Flor not to have anything to do with him. Since that day, Carling has been dropping by our house almost every week. He is very close to Rudy and they really like each other’s company. I have asked Rudy to avoid him but Rudy says he can’t hurt his friend’s feelings. Please advise me what to do.


Dear Worried Friend,

Since you can’t stop your husband Rudy from seeing his friend, I suggest you talk to Flor and explain the situation. Tell her you have tried to talk to Rudy but he can’t hurt his friend’s feelings. Hopefully, Flor will understand your predicament and won’t take it against you. After all, Rudy didn’t promise her to avoid Carling.

Tell her you hope this won’t affect your friendship and high regard for each other.


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