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Bacolod City, PhilippinesSaturday, April 20, 2013

I suspect her son
is my husband’s child

Dear Tita,

I have been happily married to my husband, Fidel, for nine years, and we have been blessed with two daughters. Fidel has been a good provider and a wonderful father and husband. He is totally devoted to our two girls, who adore him.

Lately, I have been bothered with a nagging suspicion about the son of Ason, our former yaya, who left us when she got pregnant. She was the yaya of our eldest daughter and she took care of our house when I gave birth to our second child. I would have wanted her to be the yaya of our new baby but she decided to leave us when I got home from the hospital. I wondered why she made this decision all of a sudden but I thought she just got tired of taking care of kids. I learned later that she had gotten pregnant and went back to her place in Calatrava.

One day, while Fidel and I were at the mall, I saw Ason with a little boy. I called out to her and she looked like she didn’t want to come near us, but I excitedly rushed to her side, asking her how she was and if the boy with her was hers. She reluctantly said yes and nervously left us. All this time, Fidel was strangely silent. That night, I kept recalling Ason’s strange behavior. I noticed she tried to hide her son’s face from me, but I happened to take a good look at him and was struck by how he looked like Fidel!

When I mentioned this to my husband, he got irritated and called me foolish. I did some mental calculation and figured that the boy must have been conceived while I was in the hospital giving birth to our second daughter.

Somehow, I can’t get this out of my mind and I want to find out if something happened between Ason and Fidel while I was in the hospital. I didn’t mention this to him as he got very irritable when I first commented on this. What do you think?


Dear Doubting Wife,

First of all, ask yourself, what do you think would happen if your suspicions were true? Would you do a “Maria Shriver” and leave your husband, like what she did to Arnold? Are you willing to break up your family, just in case?

You aren’t really sure that Fidel could be the boy’s father. You have your suspicions, that’s all. If you are really determined to get to the bottom of things, you could go and interrogate Ason about the boy’s paternity. But be prepared to face the consequences. Can you handle it if your suspicions are true?

This is a very dicey situation. You have to tread carefully.



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