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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, December 4, 2013

She’s older by 14 years

Dear Tita,

So many things have been said about women marrying younger men and most of them are negative. I hope my story can change this.

I met my wife, Flor, when I was in college. I was a 24-year-old student and she was a 38-year-old pharmacist. From the first moment I saw her, I was struck by her beauty and her kindness. She was so different from the girls I knew at school.

I would spend a lot of time at the drugstore just so I could be with her. She treated me like a younger brother so I had to keep my feelings a secret. I kept bringing gifts to her – fruits from our farm, flowers from my mother’s garden, pastries made by my Lola, etc. She accepted all these with grace and sweetness.

After a year, I couldn’t hide how I felt anymore. One Christmas, I bought her a box of handkerchiefs and wrote a note expressing how much I loved her. When she read the note, a strange expression came over her face and she looked at me seriously and said I have to stop this nonsense. I told her it was not nonsense, but she told me it was impossible for a woman and a much younger man to really be in love. She asked me not to come and see her anymore.

I felt my world come crashing down. I was feeling terribly down for the next few days. I felt even more terrible when I heard that Flor was being courted by a lawyer. Every time I passed by the drugstore, I could see the lawyer’s jeep in front and I would go home feeling hurt and dejected. I felt better a few months later when I heard that they broke up because Flor found out that he was seeing another woman.

I immediately started visiting her again. This time, she seemed more receptive towards me and accepted my love. I was so happy to have won her at last. My parents and her mother were against our relationship but could do nothing as we were madly in love. When we got married, her mother refused to attend the wedding. We didn’t care what people said as we were so happy together. After two years, Flor gave birth to our only child, a daughter.

We recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and this time, it was a big celebration with our families and friends present. Flor has retained her good looks despite the gray hair and wrinkles on her face. She has made me very happy all these years. I decided to write our story to give hope to those couples who are in the same situation we were. This only goes to prove that, “Love conquers all.”


Dear Happy Younger Husband,

Best wishes to you and your wife on your 25th wedding anniversary. Your successful marriage, despite the big difference in your ages, is truly inspiring.

Nowhere is it written that the husband "must" be older than the wife but it seems that people do tend to ridicule these relationships. Women who fall for younger men are even branded as ‘cougars’. I admire the way you feel so much love for Flor despite the ‘gray hair and the wrinkles’. What is important is the inner beauty that you have seen in her.

You are a lucky guy!



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