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Bacolod City, PhilippinesFriday, December 6, 2013
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Police to confiscate replica
guns, explosives in Bacolod

The police will confiscate replicas of guns and explosives, that are rampant in Bacolod City during the yuletide season, Supt. Jefferson Descallar, deputy city director for operations, said yesterday.

A team composed of the BCPO Firearms, Explosives, Security and Guards Section, and the Special Operations Group, will conduct raids for toy firearms and explosives, that are similar in appearances, measurements, colors and parts to the genuine ones.

Letter of Instruction number 1264, signed by former president Ferdinand Marcos in 1982, bans the importation, manufacture, distribution, sale and display of certain types of toy guns and explosives for the safety of the public, Descallar said.

He said the banning of guns and explosive replicas is necessary since they could be used to mislead the public, adding that they have been used by criminals in some robbery and hold-up incidents in Bacolod.

Descallar, however, said the police can only confiscate the prohibited toys, but no charges will be filed against anyone caught selling or manufacturing them.*SGG

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Broadcaster cries
police harassment

A female broadcaster complained that she was harassed by a police officer at the entrance gate of the City Police Office headquarters at Magsaysay Street in Bacolod, at about 11:30 p.m. yesterday.

Emjan Tirador of Bombo Radyo-Bacolod, said Senior Insp. Ramon Villanueva, BCPO camp commander, shouted at her in front of other people, when she had her bag checked at the gate.

Tirador said she was entering the compound when Villanueva called her and checked her bag. She took out her identification card so she could be identified as a reporter, she said.

She said she asked Villanueva why they needed to check her bag several times, but he did not explain why.

She said she was already about 10 steps away from the guardhouse when Villanueva shouted at her saying, he was being disrespected, and when she asked what his problem was, he yelled at her again.

Villanueva, meanwhile, said that regardless of whether one is from the media or an ordinary person, when they enter the BCPO compound, the procedure is for policemen to approach them in a diplomatic way.

He said that when he checked the bag of Tirador, a standard operating procedure for security, she pushed it to him, adding that she was being arrogant.

Villanueva, who admitted shouting, said his ego was hit by the way Tirador responded to him in front of his men.

“I was wearing a uniform and I approached her nicely but when I heard her murmuring something while leaving the guardhouse, I raised my voice but I never said a bad word,” he said.

Police Officer 1 Gilbert Deduyo, one of the on-duty guards, said a verbal tussle ensued between Villanueva and Tirador, but he did not hear Tirador shouting as he was busy manning the gate barrier.

BCPO Press Corps president Eric Magbanua said the case should be looked into since its might happen to other people.

Supt. Jefferson Descallar, deputy city director for operations, meanwhile, said both sides should be heard first, and if Villanueva is found to have committed lapses, they will inform the city director, Senior Supt. Edgardo Ordaniel, about it.

He said the policemen assigned at the guardhouse need to secure the camp since it is vulnerable to attacks. Inspections are required but officers should have tolerance and patience towards people.*SGG

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Witness in shooting of
brgy captain secured

A witness in the failed assassination attempt on the newly-elected barangay chairman of Minautok in Calatrava town, Negros Occidental, is being secured by the police pending the filing of charges against the two gunmen reported to be members of the New People’s Army Special Partisan Unit.

Senior Inspector Robert Mansueto, Calatrava police officer-in-charge, yesterday said they are preparing frustrated murder charges against the two suspects, the identity of one had been established through the help of some witnesses.

The victim, identified as Fidel Aninon, 63, sustained gunshot wounds in both legs, abdomen and back, and in his face. Despite his injuries, he survived the attempt of his life on Nov. 18.

“We are securing the witness until the filing of the case,” Mansueto said.

Aninon won as barangay captain of Minautok, a remote village in Calatrava town.

Before fleeing from the scene of the crime, the two gunmen, reportedly members of the NPA Special Partisan Unit, left a note admitting responsibility for the shooting of Aninon.*GPB

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Police Beat
Broadcaster cries police harassment
Witness in shooting of brgy captain secured
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