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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, December 11, 2013

She cheated on my son

Dear Tita,

My son, Eddie, was an overseas worker in Saudi. He is my only child as my husband died after Eddie was born. I had to struggle to make both ends meet with my salary as a third grade teacher in a private school.

After Eddie graduated from college, he asked permission to marry his girlfriend, Cita, and I gave my consent willingly. Eddie's salary here wasn't enough for their needs as Cita got pregnant again soon after giving birth to their first child. With all their expenses, Eddie finally decided to work in Saudi, and his in-laws helped finance his trip. He asked me to look after his family while he was away.

Things got better for Cita and the kids with the money Eddie sent every month from Saudi. They moved to a bigger apartment and Cita enjoyed buying nice clothes for herself and new appliances for their apartment. After two years, I noticed that Cita was often out with her friends as she would leave the kids with me, saying she had to attend to something important. It was after a neighbor of hers told me that she would often see a young man at her apartment that I became suspicious.

Early one morning, I went to her place to ask Cita what was going on. It took a long time for her to answer my knock on the door and when I got in, I noticed how nervous she was. I pretended to go to the kitchen for a glass of water but before I reached the kitchen, I suddenly opened the door of her bedroom. There was a man in shorts standing by the bed and looking scared. I asked him what he was doing inside the bedroom and Cita answered that he was a relative of hers visiting from Iloilo. I said I will ask her parents who this relative was and Cita tearfully begged me not to. She admitted that he was a friend of hers and that they had been seeing each other for some time. I berated them loudly and demanded that the man leave immediately, which he did.

That day, I contacted Eddie and told him everything. He couldn't believe it and broke down in tears. After a few days, he called and told me that he resigned from his job and was coming home. The day he arrived, he came directly to my house and poured out all his bitterness at what his wife did. When he went to confront her, I told him to be calm and not do anything foolish. I waited for him anxiously the whole day.

That evening, he came with Cita. They informed me that they had talked with his in-laws, who convinced him to forgive his wife and patch up their marriage for the sake of their kids. He is now jobless and living with Cita, who has been nagging him to get a new job. I haven't fully forgiven her for what she has done but Eddie is determined to save his family no matter what. Please advise me on what to do.


Dear Angry Mother,

I can understand why you feel angry at your daughter-in-law's infidelity. Any mother would feel the same.

But Eddie is a grown man, who knows exactly what he is doing. If he is determined to save his family and forgive his wife's cheating, then so be it. Keep your opinions to yourself even if you feel like bursting out in anger. This is a man who loves his wife and kids. He wants to forgive and forget. So let him.


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Hotel offers
Yuletide treats

L'Fisher Hotel in Bacolod City is offering a wide array of Yuletide treats for kids and adults alike.

On Saturday, diners can enjoy local and international cuisines prepared by Chef Pancho at Ripples Restaurant while listening to children from the Calvary Chapel Bacolod singing Christmas carols. The Calvary Chapel is a church and orphanage established by Joe and Billie Rosmarino in Barangay Handumanan, that houses 160 children today from two children in 1988, a press release from the hotel said.

On December 21, the Bethany Church Chorale group will serenade guests at the hotel lobby with classical and contemporary choral melodies. A “Meet and Greet with Santa” activity will be held on Christmas Day, with sweet treats for the kids and a photo op for the whole family. Meanwhile, delicious and mouth-watering treats that are perfect as gifts are available at C's by L' Fisher.

The “Countdown to 2014” will be held at the Chalet Restaurant, and everyone can dance with the best of the disc jockeys of Mushu Bacolod and Mosquito One Productions and watch the skyline of Bacolod filled with fireworks until the first sunrise of next year, while savoring the international buffet dinner, the press release also said.

Weekend buffet dinner at the Ripples Restaurant is priced at P 450 per person, and for inquiries and reservations, those interested may contact the L' Fisher Sales and Marketing Office at 433-3731, the press release added.*
Hotel offers Yuletide treats
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