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Bacolod City, PhilippinesSaturday, October 5, 2013

My mother
moved in with us

Dear Tita,

I am an only child and my parents doted on me. When I decided to marry my boyfriend Roy, they were against it but I was adamant about settling down with him. Reluctantly, they gave their permission.

Roy works for a new company that opened here, so his salary is just enough for us. We live in a small 2-bedroom bungalow in a quiet subdivision. When our son, Miggy, was born, it was by C-section and all our savings went to pay for the hospital bills. My father had a stroke a few months after and he was hospitalized for a month. A few days after he got home, he had another massive stroke and died. My mother went to live with Tita Cora, her spinster sister in Silay.

Late last year, Mama was complaining that she found it hard to live with Tita Cora because of her nagging character. I told Mama that she should try to put up with it as Tita Cora was letting her live with her for free.

Three weeks ago, Mama decided to pack up her things and move in with us. We had to give her Miggy's room and let Miggy stay with us in our room. It disrupted everything in our house, especially since Mama has become so difficult to live with. She keeps complaining about a lot of things and was so strict with our maid that the girl left. I now have to do everything: cook, tend to the laundry, clean the house and take care of the baby. Mama can't help as she has arthritis.

Roy doesn't say anything but I know he is no longer comfortable here at home with Mama's constant demands. What shall I do? I talked to Tita Cora and she told me she is willing to take Mama back any time.


Dear Very Tired,

You should talk to your Mama and tell her your problem. Explain to her that your husband is feeling cramped and needs his space. For the sake of your marriage, you can ask her to please go back to Tita Cora, who is just waiting to take her back.

I even suspect that your Mama's complaints about Tita Cora might be too exaggerated just to gain sympathy. If possible, ask Tita Cora to talk her into going back to stay with her. Good luck!



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