First quarter storm human rights victims Jose Rodriguez, Tony Wong, Nilo Frias, Sammy Montoyo, Nemecio Demafiles (l-r, seated), and Macau Gallardo (standing).*

331 Marcos regime
HR victims file claims


About 331 Martial Law human rights victims and their families from Negros Occidental filed claims applications for shares of the Marcos wealth before the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board at the Bacolod City Government Center yesterday.

The HRVCB is facilitating the nationwide distribution of the P10-billion compensation for victims of human rights violations during the Martial Law of former President Ferdinand Marcos that lasted from Sept. 21, 1972 to Feb. 25, 1986.

Among the claimants yesterday were Fr. Brian Gore, one of the Negros Nine, some incumbent government officials, and victims of the Escalante and Inayawan, Cauayan, massacres.moremoremore

‘Ulat’ of mayor cover up for failures

The so-called “Ulat ni Monico” delivered by Mayor Monico Puentevella on his 68th birthday Tuesday was a long-winded excuse and cover-up for the failures and shortcomings of his administration, former mayor and now Congressman Evelio Leonardia said yesterday.

Leonardia, apparently reacting to digs made against his administration in the “Ulat,” said Puentevella has nothing to show as his accomplishments, so he entertained the people with a collection of empty sound bytes on the same half-truths and lies he has always been peddling and keeps repeating about my administration.

Maybe he subscribes to the theory of that Nazi official whose motto was that if you repeat a lie often enough, it will soon appear as the truth, Leonardia said in a press release from his office.moremoremore

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Wetter and wilder - 2

Yesterday I recalled the warning during the debate on the Reproductive Health bill of the danger of across the board sale of contraceptives and condoms. The law does not only allow this system of sale but is spending hundreds of millions of pesos to purchase contraceptives for free distribution on demand.

One of the dangers we cited was that the program can lead to promiscuity but RH bill proponents belittled that. These wet and wild parties are good conduits for the free and encouraged use of contraceptives.  

Again, we say that would it not be a surprise if participants carry these contraceptives and condoms when they go to these wild parties. The anticipation of sexual encounter is usually in mind or planned. Would it be a shocker then if hosts in these parties have them readily on hand for sale?

 “Modern parents” in fact look the other way about these parties until their teenage girl gets pregnant. Then they hypocritically denounce their kids but not themselves.moremoremore


LTO-7 starts apprehension
of vehicles with no plates

The Land Transportation Office in Region 7 has started apprehending motor vehicles without plate numbers, and LTO director Arnel Tancinco said any unit sporting unauthorized accessories over and around the plate numbers will also be intercepted.

Tancinco’s directive is in line with the implementation of the Joint Administrative Order number 2014-01, or the revised schedule of fines and penalties for violations of laws, rules and regulations governing land transportation.

Section D of the JAO stated that motor vehicles operating without or with defective/improper/unauthorized accessories, devices, equipment and parts shall be fined P5,000. The motor vehicle shall also be impounded until the accessory, device, equipment or part is properly installed, corrected or removed, and the fines paid.moremoremore