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Bacolod City, PhilippinesMonday, March 17, 2014

A musical adventure


All roads led to the Casa Maria Spiritual Center in Burgos Extension, Bacolod City for the year-end program of A Child’s Place Preschool Saturday.

It started with the giving of certificates to the kinder graduates of the school, who then sang their special graduation song. The second part was a series of dances performed bystudents from all preschool levels, based on the animated musical adventure comedy film “Rio.”

Set amid a spectacularly-painted canvas backdrop that depicted a forest scene, the well-disciplined toddlers and preschoolers danced with gusto, inspired by their rainbow-colored costumes and cute headdresses.There were carnival street dancers, funky monkeys, macaws, cockatoos, toucans, lovebirds and other kinds of tropical birds.

Jacob Javelosa was Blu, the male blue macaw lead character.His female partner, Jewel, was portrayed Bea Garcia.Miles Abello was Tulio the Brazilian ornithologist, and Amber Tionko was Linda, the girl who discovered Blu.Timothy Lo danced the part of Nigel the cockatoo, James Gebusion was Rafael, a romantic Toco Toucan; Alfonso Go played the role of the red-crested cardinal; and Alphonse Marquez was Nico, the yellow canary.

It was hard to believe that this was a show of children, who are only in preschool, because the numbers flowed so smoothly, with very little transition time in between.

Watching the little ones enjoy performing on stage to the beat of catchy Latin songs, like “Real in Rio,” “SapoCai” and “Masquenada”, was such an enjoyable experience!*

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