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Bacolod City, PhilippinesSaturday, May 3, 2014

Our daughter eloped with a driver

Dear Tita,

Our only daughter, Viol, has been the favorite of the family because she is so loving and caring to everyone. Her Papa was very protective of her as she is so pretty and has led a very sheltered life.

When she turned 21, she asked that she be allowed to study in Iloilo with her best friend, Maida. We were hesitant because this would be the first time she would be away from us, but she kept on pleading until finally, we agreed to let her study in Iloilo. We arranged for her to stay with my sister, Nena, who lives in Iloilo. We felt that Viol was safe because there was a service vehicle that would bring her to school and back home.

At first, we were happy with Viol's excellent grades in school and the good report from Nena about her. One day, Nena called us up frantic with the news that Viol didn't come home from school and that she took her clothes with her.

We immediately went to Iloilo to find out what happened. I talked to her friend Maida, who informed me that Viol had been secretly seeing the driver of their service vehicle after classes, and that she was madly in love with him. We were in shock over this news. My husband tried to gather information about the driver and then contacted a policeman friend of ours to help us and accompany us to the driver's house.

There, we found Viol, who admitted that she eloped with him because she loves him. She even told us that she was pregnant with his child. I almost died when I heard that. We tried to convince her to come home with us but she refused, saying she could not leave him. We threatened the driver to have him arrested but Viol cried that if we did that, she would commit suicide. Sadly, we knew that there was nothing we could do. We came back home to Bacolod without Viol.

I know she must be having a difficult time as the driver is penniless. But when I told my husband that we should send money for Viol's needs, he got angry and said no. What should I do?



Dear Worried Mother,

I know the agony you must be going through, knowing that your only daughter, who is pregnant, is living in dire straits. Your husband is so bitter that he refuses to help her financially. Give him time to think things over, and for his anger to subside.

I'm almost certain that he will take pity on your daughter sometime soon. Perhaps, your sister Nena could help her as she is in Iloilo. It is so unfortunate that your hopes and dreams for your daughter have been ruined by her rash decision. She has no one else to turn to for help except you, her parents.


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Inmates attend TB, HIV forum

A symposium on human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis was held by the Metro Bacolod District Jail with the Special Intensive Care Area personnel, for 616 inmates recently, a press release from the city said.

It was held in line with the observance of the World Tuberculosis Day 2014, and attended by the Ben de la Cruz, Milafe Dianala, Niño Chad Genova and Jennifer May Dequilla of the Department of Health Center for Health Development VI; Dr. Ma. Carmela Gensoli and Solfe Jarolan, NTP coordinators of the City Health Office Bacolod; Taculing Barangay Captain Alexander Diamante;

Jail Officer 1 Krshna Rama Jover, 16 members of the Supportive Treatment to Achieve and Response for Success TB Task Force, barangay health workers, and Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr., the press release also said.*
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