BoatMabinay in Negros Oriental proclaims it support for the Negros Island region  at its 8th Langub Festival Saturday* (Richard Malihan photo)

MR by Comelec
exercise in futility

A motion for reconsideration by the Commission on Elections will just be an exercise in futility.

This was the reaction yesterday of the lawyer of the Diocese of Bacolod, Ralph Sarmiento, to Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes’ announcement that the commission will file a motion for reconsideration to the Supreme Court’s upholding the display by the Diocese of Bacolod of the "Team Buhay/Team Patay" tarpaulin in front of the San Sebastian Cathedral.

“An MR by the Comelec will just be an exercise in futility. It is almost impossible to reconsider a 9-5 voting of the Supreme Court en banc, especially when the Comelec orders to remove the Team Patay/Team Buhay tarpaulins, are patently unconstitutional,” Sarmiento said.moremoremore

30 cops killed in Maguindanao

MANILA – At  least 30 members of the Philippine National Police elite Special Action Forces and  five fighters of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, were  killed in a clash, with many others wounded, reports said last night.

With members of the Special Action Force and Moro Islamic Liberation Front now disengaging after a fierce battle in Mamasapano, Maguindanao yesterday, Philippine National Police  officer-in-charge Deputy Director General Leonardo  Espina has ordered all police commanders in the area to do everything they can to contain the situation.

"I have instructed police commanders in the area to make available all support systems to contain the situation and mitigate the effects on civilian communities in the area," he said.moremoremore

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1st Tañon Strait summit up

The Tañon Strait Protected Seascape or TSPS management board and stakeholders will meet in a landmark summit and general assembly in Cebu City on Feb. 10-12, almost 17 years after the rich fishing ground was declared a protected seascape.

The back-to-back meetings will gather hundreds of conservation advocates and members of the Protected Area Management Board of Tañon Strait, the biggest protected area in the country, declared by then president Fidel Ramos on May 27, 1998, a press release from the marine conservation organization, Oceana Philippines, said.

The Tañon Strait PAMB has more than 350 members, but it has never held a general assembly due to its sheer size and conflicts between national agencies and local government units regarding jurisdiction and overlapping functions, Protected Area Supervisor Viernov Grefalde said. The PAMB membership includes the local chief executives of 298 barangays, and 42 cities and towns, the press release also said.moremoremore